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Hi, I’m Linsay Alcindor, the founder, and CEO of Digital Bizz Management.

Linsay Alcindor is a visionary Digital Marketing Executive with a strong background in social and digital marketing, as well as business management, email marketing, e-commerce strategy, advertising strategy, content optimization, and SEO. 

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and certifications in SEO Marketing & Digital Business Management. Linsay stays up-to-date with the latest SEO and marketing best practices, tools, and technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions to her clients.

Throughout her career, Linsay has held various key positions, including Chief Executive Officer (Digital Bizz Management) and numerous Digital Marketing & Business Solutions Consultation roles for businesses in Rhode Island.

Starting her career as a Marketing Administrative Assistant in 2017, Linsay learned how much support businesses need to move from idea to execution. With this insight, she developed a business management framework that has helped brands scale repeatedly, leading her to make it her mission to serve more growing business owners.

Linsay has a proven track record of success supporting diverse teams across a wide range of industries. Her approach to operations strategy enables her to provide assistance for every system, process, or project needed to keep businesses moving. 

Since launching her business, Linsay has helped dozens of companies maximize their profitability and impact through strategic systems and efficient projects. At her core, she is passionate about working with businesses to investigate, architect, and deliver bespoke solutions that match their needs, teammates, and clients. Fluent in on- and off-site SEO, she is also comfortable executing growth-minded content and marketing strategies that enhance performance.

If you’re ready to lean on a dedicated support team to reach your goals, I’m here to help!

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Hear from the Founder & CEO of Digital Bizz Management, Linsay Alcindor, about their experience in Innovation Studio’s LAUNCH! Pre-Accelerator program in Providence, Rhode Island.

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