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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted hiring practices tremendously, to say the least. From the hiring process, onboarding, upskilling, re-skilling, etc. have all been disrupted. In addition, the rise in online collaboration tools and talent being dispersed worldwide has shown hiring freelancers as a great alternative. In fact, currently, at 58 million and counting, freelancing is poised to become the U.S. majority workforce by 2027.  Due to the increase in freelancing, many companies should re-evaluate their traditional hiring methods. 

Freelancing staffing is not just for technology startups, either. At least 30% of fortune 500 companies have embraced the gig economy and rely on freelancing talent. 

At least 30% of fortune 500 companies have embraced the gig economy and rely on freelancing talent.

 Freelancing Staffing Instead of Full-Time Employees

There are numerous benefits for companies opting for freelancers instead of employees. 

A Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study shows that about 75% of HR Teams reported difficulty recruiting in the past 12 months. It also reported that 3 in 4 employers were affected by bad hires which can cost companies nearly $15,000.

The Cost Benefits

Employee Hiring is expensive. More so, when you factor in the cost of a bad hire. Specifically, studies have shown that companies can expect to save at least 20% annually with a freelancer instead of hiring full-time. Most freelancers are paid on a project basis or a flat hourly rate. Since no benefits are included in freelancer payments, organizations can save on pension costs, food expenses, insurance, and other benefits. 

The Time To Hire

Most of the time, In-House hiring is slow taking a 3 to 6 months notice period.  New employee onboarding can get delayed due to candidates backtracking the joining date after the offer letter. 

With freelancer portals offering 500+ skills, you can reduce your time to fill and find even the most unique freelancers to meet your needs.


Freelancers need to constantly prove the quality of their work. Additionally, they must communicate well and upskill themselves to stay ahead of the curve. Digital Bizz Management helps qualified pre-vetted expert freelancers by building an elite freelancers’ network in the world.

Our elite freelancer network helps companies bias and trust freelancers. 


 Companies can now look to work with the best freelancers instead of limiting themselves to a particular city or country. 

Our Staffing Freelancer Areas of Expertise

 Hiring a freelancer may seem prudent for short-term projects to creative tasks. However, any activity not core to the business and need not be performed onsite can be outsourced to freelancers.

Clinch Stop Searching Start Hiring

Here is a list of our areas of expertise in staffing freelancers

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Designer & Creative 
  • Web, Mobile, and Software Development
  • System & Operations

What Are the Top Websites to Hire Freelancers?

From pure freelancer marketplace to vetted freelancers and function-specific websites, there are different freelancer portals to choose from. Here is a curated list of the top sites to hire freelancers :

  • Digitalbizzmanagement.: Pre-vetting Freelancing Staffing and Recruiting agency with an elite freelancer network.
  • Freelancer.com: Typically used by organizations to hire for gigs in translation, data entry and content writing.
  • Upwork: Upwork runs on a bidding system. Businesses post their jobs and freelancers post their bids.
  • Fiverr: On Fiverr, freelancers post their price and businesses find the one that fits their budget
  • Guru.com: Guru lets organizations screen freelancers at their own pace. There is no vetting and manual matching
  • PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance marketplace. It provides protection for freelancer payments through an escrow system. 
  • FlexJobs: FlexJobs offers companies an embedded Applicant tracking system to manage freelancers along with the ability to run virtual career fairs and email blasts.
  • Flexiplee: Flexiplee focuses on freelance developers. They offer vetted freelance developers along with a 1-week trial.

Why Digital Bizz Management for Staffing Freelancers?

Our pre-vetting staffing and recruiting set up apart from other freelancing marketplaces.  Before a freelancer enters our elite freelancer network they are pre-vetted by our Digital Bizz Manager recruiters. Then our Digital Bizz Manager Recruiters and our AI platform help paired Freelancers and Companies. Our approach is to pair Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to pre-vet expert freelancers. Our elite freelance network is exclusive only to the top best freelancers in the world. 

It’s difficult for companies to build their business by relying solely on freelancers. Remote or otherwise, full-time employees are highly critical for any business. 

The demand and supply for freelancers are at an all-time high. Companies would not want to miss out on a large pool of freelancers with the latest skills. Therefore, they should consider incorporating our freelancers into their hiring process. 

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